Henry Tag + Coin Necklace

$59.00 USD

sterling silver
14k gold filled
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"The well-known phrase 'baseball, hot dogs and apple pie' supposedly came from a World War II survey that asked servicemen what things from home they missed the most. While it can be argued that those things really had their origins in England or Western Europe, no one can deny that they have come to symbolize the American way of life."

"Thanks to our Second Amendment, owning a gun is also a symbol of what it means to be an American. We possess numerous handguns and shotguns, but we’ve really always been a nation of riflemen. Throughout history, the rifle has helped settle the country, fight our wars, provide home security and food for the table. So, it would not be a stretch to say something is 'as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and rifles.'"

"Of all rifle designs, none is more American than the lever-action. It came upon the scene in the middle of the 19th century, served during the Civil War and various Indian wars and has taken more deer than any other rifle. Many historical paintings and photographs show cowboys, Indians, soldiers and mountain men proudly posing with a lever-operated rifle. In the world of fiction, lever guns are as present as the single-action revolver in every western novel, movie or television show. Just try to picture John Wayne tying his horse to a hitching post without a Winchester protruding from the saddle scabbard." - Jerry Lee americanrifleman.org

"You cannot discuss American history without considering the role of hunting. From the heyday of the Native American buffalo hunter to the modern-day bowhunter, hunting has played a prominent role in American culture. It has become ingrained in our national heritage and become part of a vast tradition that uniquely qualifies it as the classic American sport." - goHUNT Staff gohunt.com

  • Our tags are 1 1/4" x 3/8",  tiny coins are 3/8", and they hang from a 20" chain.
  • Made with solid sterling silver, copper, and 14k gold filled metals.
  • Silver and copper impressions are blackened; gold is not.
  • Copper charms hang from a 14k rose gold filled chain.
  • Our copper begins in polished, raw form, and will naturally patina over time into a beautiful weathered look. If that's not your style, a quick dip in our jewelry cleaner will make it like new! Copper may slightly (and temporarily) discolor skin, but causes no harm. 
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