About Us

Freedom Forged is the brainchild of Vanessa Cole and Heidi Loewen. Vanessa started working for Heidi's jewelry company, Littlefield Lane, in 2012, where they both fell in love with working with their hands and making jewelry. She developed an amazing friendship with Heidi, who taught and mentored her while working. Vanessa loves going to work every day, and has always been a workhorse with an incredible drive. This has all certainly been manifested by doing the finish work on what has often been several thousand pieces of jewelry that Heidi and the rest of her team have created each month.



Vanessa was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. Her father was in the Army and also served on the LAPD for 33 years. He instilled in her his work ethic, and a love and appreciation for the USA. He is a true patriot who taught his children about freedom and respect for the military that fight for our country with their lives. Vanessa's maternal grandparents were immigrants from Europe who love America and the opportunity it has given them to provide a better life for their family. One grandfather served in the Polish Navy and the other in the US Navy, based in San Diego. Vanessa is the mother of three children, who give her her drive, and she loves that they can be involved and help with work.



Left: U.S. Army Vet. Mark Conta (Vanessa's Father) Middle: Vanessa and her father Right: Vanessa and her three kids


Heidi is from Salt Lake City, Utah where she was raised with six brothers and sisters. Her father is an Army veteran and served our country in Vietnam. Heidi's mother, who was a young wife and professional dancer at the time, was able to join him in Vietnam on a USO Tour, where she met and talked with the troops in hospitals and other areas. Heidi's family is multi-generation FBI, and includes a great uncle, Sam Cowley, who lost his life in a 1934 shootout while also taking down the notorious Chicago gangster, Baby Face Nelson. She is proud of him and her other relatives, including her brother, and the good they have done for our country while working as agents for the FBI. Heidi loves what our Founding Fathers stood for and works with her husband to instill those values into their five children. 



Left: Heidi's Father U.S. Army Vet. Right: Heidi's Parents (on left)


We have taken our experience from designing, hand making and selling over 300,000 pieces of quality jewelry with Littlefield Lane, and combined that with our love for country. Ours is a one of a kind company, dedicated to original designs, best quality, and giving back to our vets. We are so blessed to live in the USA and to be able to do something we believe in with Freedom Forged.