Swarovski Crystals

Symbolic colors for birth months, first responder and armed forces, awareness causes, and color meanings:

  1. garnet: January birthstone, firefighters, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, security, lifeguards, private investigators, protection, power, courage, and love
  2. ruby: July birthstone, love, beauty, and courage
  3. light rose: October birthstone, breast cancer, faith, endurance, and positivity
  4. padparadscha: endurance and positivity
  5. topaz: November birthstone, dispatchers, search + rescue, public works, highway, cultural diversity, childhood cancer, motorcycle safety, hunger awareness, joy, prosperity, and intimacy
  6. sunflower: security officers, tow truck operators, endometriosis, Gulf War, missing children, suicide awareness, troop + military support, happiness, success, energy, and health
  7. olivine: Army, Military Police, prosperity, learning, and growth
  8. peridot: August birthstone, literacy, mental health awareness, protection, wisdom, and fortune
  9. emerald: May birthstone, Border Patrol, EMT, paramedics, animal control, fish + wildlife, court officers, park rangers, Army, Military Police, food allergies, OCD, PTSD, anxiety awareness, freedom, prosperity, learning, growth, and rebirth
  10. blue zircon: December birthstone, addiction recovery, strength, understanding, integrity, and creativity
  11. aquamarine: March birthstone, chronic illness awareness, loyalty, friendship, calm, and peace
  12. capri blue: police, law enforcement, Air Force, Navy, security, and child abuse awareness, trust, wisdom, and commitment
  13. sapphire: September birthstone, police, law enforcement, Air Force, Navy, security, anti-bullying, eating disorder awareness, trust, wisdom, and commitment
  14. dark indigo: police, law enforcement, Air Force, Navy, child abuse awareness, chronic fatigue syndrome, free speech, and death of a police officer on duty
  15. amethyst: February birthstone, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer's, chronic pain, domestic violence, homelessness awareness, victims of 9/11, faith, clarity, sincerity, peace, and calmness
  16. light amethyst: June birthstone, cancer, epilepsy awareness, faith, clarity, joy, and calmness
  17. crystal clear: April birthstone, CSI, NSA, guardian angels, beauty, peace, and purity
  18. freshwater pearl: June birthstone, paramedics, EMT, doctors, nurses, National Guard, Veterans, correction officers, air traffic control, DEA, ICE, lung cancer, adoption, multiple sclerosis, anti-pornography, child exploitation awareness, peace, intuition, purity, positivity, guardian angels